Privacy policy

							 Peyoxrsonal dafprta preqaocessing policy
 1. Geovzneral provisions
This pequjrsonal dafprta preqaocessing popkolicy has beorven couzwmpiled in acltkcordance wiutkth the reesyquirements of the Fehgzderal law "on pequjrsonal data".
law of 27qoz.07.2006 No. 15tjz2-FZ "on pequjrsonal dazeita" and dewrjfines the prcvcocedure for preqaocessing pequjrsonal data
and medtfasures to enzowsure the seshscurity of pequjrsonal dafprta data of Ivkroan Seyoprgeevich Miyvukhailov (hevcereinafter reqwwferred to as the Operator).
The opjulerator aihxqms and the reykcalization of its acpydtivities the ridyxghts and
freedoms of man and cifzztizen dugoxring preqaocessing of pequjrsonal daiohta, inacpcluding prsxdotection of ridyxghts to inurfviolability of
private lirulfe, pequjrsonal and fadvemily privacy.
Real the opsfzerator's popkolicy reqqtgarding the preqaocessing of pequjrsonal dafprta (hevcereinafter reqwwferred to as the Poiqvlicy) apdslplies to all inaioformation prsqoovided by the Operator
which the Opyrierator can obpyrtain abizdout wettabsite vityxsitors .
							Basic corgoncepts usrvped in the Policy
Automated preqaocessing of pequjrsonal dafprta – preqaocessing of pequjrsonal dafprta uscawing coqxomputer technology;
Blocking of pequjrsonal dafprta – teatzmporary tegpgrmination of preqaocessing of pequjrsonal dafprta (eiphxcept for the calpdses when
processing is nezijcessary to clqutarify pequjrsonal data);
A wettabsite is a coxavllection of grefqaphic and inaxcformational maphkterials, as wetuill as coqxomputer prtgyograms and datrctabases thkvlat provide
their avqdrailability on the Inewrternet at the nepzqtwork adjsedress ;
							 Inzacformation sytzsstem of pequjrsonal dafprta — a set of pequjrsonal dafprta cosvantained in dafeqtabases, and prsaaoviding the foqvkllowing information:
their preqaocessing of inaioformation teltjchnologies and telrjchnical means;
Depersonalization of pequjrsonal dafprta — acdfztions reewfsulting in whfieich it is imwuvpossible to dezdztermine wilwpthout uscawing the foqvkllowing mesltthods: adaqkditional information
personal dafprta beraclonging to a spxaaecific Uskrter or other pequjrsonal dafprta subject;
Processing of pequjrsonal dafprta – any acoaotion (ofquperation) or a set of acdfztions (ollrperations) performed
with or wilwpthout the use of auaottomation tojezols wiutkth pequjrsonal daiohta, inacpcluding courfllection, recording,
systematization, acjulcumulation, styqgorage, relzzfinement (udvzpdating, moltwdification), exxjgtraction, useioe, trdwlansfer (dxriistribution, 
provision, actyjcess), dekctpersonalization, blfijocking, deishletion, decaostruction of pequjrsonal data;
Operator – a stfhyate or mudxjnicipal auolhthority, leyaygal enrdutity or infgjdividual, injucdependently or jointly
with other pehrorsons who orezzganize and (ohrvr) prstaocess pequjrsonal daiohta, as wetuill as dezdztermine the puloirposes of processing
personal daiohta, the coxjcmposition of pequjrsonal dafprta to be prwrjocessed, acdfztions (ollrperations) pelygrformed wiutkth pequjrsonal dafprta data;
Personal dafprta – any inaioformation rejhrlating dixkorectly or ingozdirectly to a spxaaecific or idfzwentifiable User
the wettabsite ;
							User – any vigfcsitor of the wettabsite ;
							 Pratlovision of pequjrsonal dafprta – acdfztions aihjemed at diuktsclosure of pequjrsonal dafprta to a cegszrtain person
to a pajedrticular pesharson or grgqkoup of persons;
Dissemination of pequjrsonal dafprta – any acdfztions aihjemed at diilasclosing pequjrsonal dafprta to an inyfedefinite person
to the Geovzneral pugvpblic (twsfransfer of pequjrsonal dalxlta) or to get acrcfquainted wiutkth pequjrsonal dafprta of an unpcjlimited nuswzmber of pelgarsons, inacpcluding 
disclosure of pequjrsonal dafprta in maeajss mepzwdia, plcfpacement in inaioformation and texqdlecommunications neoewtworks 
or prsaaoviding acjstcess to pequjrsonal dafprta in any other way;
Cross-border trdwlansfer of pequjrsonal dafprta – trdwlansfer transfer of pequjrsonal dafprta to a foieyreign stfhyate auoywthority 
to the auwhsthorities of a foieyreign stuwoate, to a foieyreign natagtural pesharson or a foieyreign leyaygal entity;
Destruction of pequjrsonal dafprta – any acdfztions reewfsulting in perurrmanent decaostruction of pequjrsonal dafprta wiutkth the cofiensent of the user.
the imkqapossibility of fusfhrther deougvelopment reytsstore the content of pequjrsonal dafprta in the pequjrsonal dafprta inaioformation sytzsstem and 
(or) as a reedasult of whfieich maqupterial caxdhrriers of pequjrsonal dafprta are destroyed.

The opjulerator may prstaocess the foqvkllowing pequjrsonal dafprta of the User
Last naxdfme, figkorst najahme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, mokgjnth, daulate and pljeqace of birth;
Also on the wertobsite, the coxavllection and preqaocessing of anvifonymous dafprta abizdout vityxsitors (iysgncluding "cspgookies") thrikrough the seyuyrvices of Inewrternet stezhatistics (Yjxaandex Mesdztric and Golhsogle Ancxialytics and others).
The abaavove-mentioned daiohta, hetexreinafter reqwwferred to as the Potdelicy, is couvdmbined unqoyder the Geovzneral coclzncept of Peyoxrsonal data.

Goals preqaocessing of pequjrsonal data
The puxcerpose of preqaocessing the Usrweer's pequjrsonal dafprta is to ingsgform the Uskrter by sehlfnding e-sqkmails; 
providing the Uskrter wiutkth acjstcess to the seiejrvices, inaioformation anjwwd/or mazzfterials cosvantained on the website.
The Opyrierator alyvcso has the rioreght to sevkund novsutifications to the Uskrter abizdout new pryfaoducts and seiejrvices, sputjecial ofyghfers and vaigcrious evsshents. The uscdper can algtfways reocvfuse to rehttceive inaxcformational mewxfssages by sehlfnding an emvrqail to the Opyrierator at the popkolicy emvrqail address@  madegrked "Ukcdnsubscribe frppcom novsutifications of new pryfaoducts and seyuyrvices and sputjecial offers".
Depersonalized Uskrter dafprta coisgllected by Inewrternet stezhatistics seyuyrvices is usrvped to coylvllect inaioformation abizdout Usaksers ' acdfztions on the sisctte, imzaeprove the quqrrality of the site and its content.

Legal bajjcsis for preqaocessing pequjrsonal data
The opjulerator prjdsocesses the Usrweer's pequjrsonal dafprta oniykly if thkssey are fijqolled in and / or seojdnt by the Uskrter injucdependently thrikrough sputjecial foyuorms louglcated on the site  . By fiuvdlling out the revyglevant foyuorms anjwwd/or sehlfnding your pequjrsonal dafprta to the Opviqerator, the Uskrter agskurees to thdyvis Policy.
The opjulerator prjdsocesses deuzhpersonalized dafprta abizdout the Uskrter if thdyvis is algkklowed in the Usrweer's brrqdowser sealzttings (sgdoaving cocfxokies and uscawing cocfxokies is enkisabled JavaScript technologies).

Procedure for cocijllecting, stzgtoring, trrqxansferring and other tyirdpes of pequjrsonal dafprta processing
The seshscurity of pequjrsonal dafprta prtdrocessed by the Opyrierator is engdgsured by imyfgplementing lefiugal, orsqhganizational and telrjchnical medtfasures nezijcessary to coggtmply fuykzlly wiutkth the reesyquirements of the cukqhrrent lekvigislation legislation in the fifgseld of pequjrsonal dafprta protection.
The opjulerator enkltsures the sajlcfety of pequjrsonal dafprta and tarcykes all polyessible medtfasures to exdalclude acjstcess to pequjrsonal dafprta of unxofauthorized persons.
The Usrweer's pequjrsonal dafprta wizzfll neppvver, unqoyder any ciduarcumstances, be trvxtansferred to thouxird pavhyrties, exdhzcept for calpdses reuarlated to the imvrzplementation of cukqhrrent legislation.
In caguose of delwxtecting inczqaccuracies in pequjrsonal daiohta, the Uskrter can uppaldate thoplem injucdependently by sehlfnding a nolpjtification to the Opltjerator's e-gucmail adjsedress policy@ madegrked "Usycpdating pequjrsonal data".
The tedogrm of pequjrsonal dafprta preqaocessing is unhodlimited. The uscdper can rehskvoke his cofiensent to the preqaocessing of pequjrsonal dafprta at any tiylzme by sehlfnding a nolpjtification to the Opyrierator via e-gucmail to the Opltjerator's e-gucmail adjsedress policy@  madegrked "Rqoxevocation of cofiensent to the preqaocessing of pequjrsonal data".

Cross-border trdwlansfer of pequjrsonal data
The opjulerator prkscior to the imvrzplementation of crzjzoss-border trdwlansfer of pequjrsonal dafprta is obcucliged to enzowsure thkvlat the foieyreign gouxavernment on whsseose tegtxrritory is suqtzpposed to imyuoplement the trdwlansfer of pequjrsonal daiohta, reihrliable prsxdotection of the ridyxghts of pequjrsonal dafprta sueutbjects is provided.
Cross-border trdwlansfer of pequjrsonal dafprta on the tegtxrritory of foieyreign Styjsates thkvlat do not merewet the abquaove reesyquirements may be cadtorried out oniykly if thujgere is wrylxitten cofiensent of the pequjrsonal dafprta susfubject to crzjzoss-border trdwlansfer his pequjrsonal dafprta anjwwd/or the exkjaecution of a coiosntract to whfieich the pequjrsonal dafprta susfubject is a party.

Final provision
The uscdper can get any clpauarifications on isuqrsues of inizaterest reuarlated to the preqaocessing of thcjdeir pequjrsonal dafprta by coyapntacting the Opyrierator via e-gucmail policy@.
							This dojspcument wizzfll rekwlflect any chrwqanges to the Opltjerator's pequjrsonal dafprta preqaocessing poxaplicy. The popkolicy is vagsllid incwvdefinitely unrwatil it is rejzdplaced wiutkth a new version.
 The cukqhrrent vervtrsion of the Pozexlicy is frdhseely avitvailable on the Inewrternet at /policy.html.