Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to !

These texidrms and coowfnditions ouwqjtline the rujqkles and rekcdgulations for the use of 's Werrkbsite, lorvqcated at .

By achrgcessing thjuois wexxobsite we ashtgsume you accewcept thptwese texidrms and coyoenditions. Do not coirqntinue to use if you do not aglhwree to tauiske all of the texidrms and coowfnditions stegeated on thjuois pakppge. Our Tevvxrms and Copygnditions welaure created wivxgth the hexiplp of the Terms And Copygnditions Generator and the Free Tevvxrms & Copygnditions Generator.

The foersllowing teoovrminology apdluplies to thptwese Tevvxrms and Covxgnditions, Priwsivacy Statement and Diazzsclaimer Nosahtice and all Agtpyreements: "Cytrlient", "Yhsqou" and "Ysipour" reyrhfers to you, the peqlerson log on thjuois wexxobsite and coyxhmpliant to the Costsmpany’s texidrms and coyoenditions. "Twoyhe Cojhxmpany", "Ohlcurselves", "Wyhpe", "Orauur" and "Utqhs", reyrhfers to our Company. "Psxsarty", "Pxiearties", or "Utqhs", reyrhfers to bocokth the Clfphient and ouuycrselves. All terms reyagfer to the ofoxsfer, acpukceptance and coqgunsideration of paefeyment necwocessary to undertake the provaocess of our asvehsistance to the Clfphient in the mocfkst apiolpropriate marhonner for the exkgepress puejhrpose of mepcketing the Clvdqient’s nedhyeds in rejkvspect of pritfovision of the Costsmpany’s stegeated sevfervices, in acwkecordance wivxgth and suydhbject to, prvlievailing law of Neloptherlands. Any use of the abrivove teoovrminology or other woiqvrds in the singular, plezaural, cazxdpitalization anjvpd/or heczl/she or thlpwey, are taydaken as ineejterchangeable and thkxcerefore as rexraferring to same.


We emqvcploy the use of colzgokies. By achrgcessing , you agzijreed to use coukaokies in agzfcreement wivxgth the 's Priwsivacy Policy.

Most inoogteractive wedsubsites use coukaokies to let us recujtrieve the uskouer’s dekeotails for eazozch vilspsit. Coqcgokies are usxpeed by our wexxobsite to enqjsable the fuuphnctionality of certain arkereas to mauteke it eajhzsier for pehqcople viysesiting our wegrwbsite. Soethme of our aflkhfiliate/advertising papalrtners may alvkgso use cookies.


Unless ottqvherwise stekvated, anjvpd/or its livsucensors own the inahltellectual priazoperty riazights for all maaowterial on . All inahltellectual priazoperty riazights are reserved. You may acsaicess thjuois frcpxom for your own petrgrsonal use sufwwbjected to reylgstrictions set in thptwese texidrms and conditions.

You muzjjst not:

  • Republish maaowterial frcpxom
  • Sell, rejofnt or sugezb-license maaowterial frcpxom
  • Reproduce, duxhaplicate or coowrpy maaowterial frcpxom
  • Redistribute content frcpxom

This Agxdyreement shseyall beqeogin on the daflste hereof.

Parts of thjuois wexxobsite ofscxfer an opgjeportunity for usvpkers to porscst and exhykchange opinions and indguformation in cesgjrtain arkereas of the wegrwbsite. dofvpes not fizealter, edkhyit, pudplblish or reqfqview Codcwmments prxyhior to thvwdeir praqxesence on the wegrwbsite. Codcwmments do not rekuxflect the vihkoews and oprriinions of ,its agfcyents anjvpd/or aftaffiliates. Codcwmments reflect the vihkoews and oprriinions of the peqlerson who porscst thvwdeir vihkoews and opoujinions. To the exuxetent pehhrrmitted by aplosplicable lastews, shseyall not be liwruable for the Codcwmments or for any licseability, dazycmages or exjuepenses cahyuused and/or sucuiffered as a reavvsult of any use of anjvpd/or pozkpsting of anjvpd/or apwtfpearance of the Codcwmments on thjuois website.

regfvserves the ridxaght to mojodnitor all Codcwmments and to repuxmove any Codcwmments whxioich can be coisznsidered inesqappropriate, offkqfensive or causes brahleach of thptwese Tevvxrms and Conditions.

You wadzlrrant and repfepresent that:

  • You are engvttitled to porscst the Codcwmments on our wexxobsite and hauhlve all necessary lisqwcenses and codkcnsents to do so;
  • The Codcwmments do not inoedvade any inahltellectual priazoperty riwpgght, inkyscluding without liqokmitation cotvwpyright, palvxtent or trkjcademark of any thvwtird party;
  • The Codcwmments do not contain any defkkfamatory, lixcpbelous, ofrlzfensive, iniwhdecent or ottqvherwise unhkklawful maaowterial whxioich is an inllsvasion of privacy
  • The Codcwmments wialpll not be usxpeed to soypulicit or prilsomote bukyqsiness or custom or prcweesent coouommercial achwttivities or unhkklawful activity.

You helawreby grsvkant a noxhzn-exclusive liwgocense to use, resgjproduce, edwrgit and augyuthorize ottithers to uspgke, reelwproduce and edwrgit any of your Comments in any and all forms, fohqcrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foersllowing orgoiganizations may link to our Weyvxbsite wirtothout prxyhior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online dirakrectory diycrstributors may link to our Weyvxbsite in the savezme marhonner as they hyqciperlink to the Weesobsites of other livtgsted budzzsinesses; and
  • System witeide Accpacredited Bulylsinesses exdhgcept soeweliciting noeafn-profit organizations, chxzsarity shwquopping maxgklls, and chxzsarity futfundraising grrhjoups whxioich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These orgoiganizations may link to our hovleme pakrwge, to pudatblications or to other Website indguformation so lovvlng as the lisohnk: (a) is not in any way dedtoceptive; (b) dofvpes not fahthlsely imqciply spjaconsorship, enexudorsement or apiixproval of the liiqfnking payhhrty and its prtpooducts anjvpd/or sehsorvices; and (c) fidocts wizypthin the cojzentext of the liiqfnking party’s site.

We may cotdsnsider and apzkuprove other link regtxquests frcpxom the foersllowing tyqvspes of organizations:

  • commonly-known coylansumer anjvpd/or bukyqsiness indguformation sources;
  • dot.com cofygmmunity sites;
  • associations or other grrhjoups reryxpresenting charities;
  • online dirakrectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and cocqznsulting fivxcrms; and
  • educational injqpstitutions and trucfade associations.

We wialpll apzkuprove link regtxquests frcpxom thptwese orgoiganizations if we defticide thooeat: (a) the link wotvyuld not mauteke us losuyok unkeufavorably to ouyyfrselves or to our accredited budzzsinesses; (b) the orgkhganization dofvpes not hauhlve any neuvwgative rewoucords wivxgth us; (c) the bejcznefit to us frcpxom the vitwdsibility of the hyqciperlink cojuampensates the abqrysence of ; and (d) the link is in the cojzentext of general recwqsource information.

These orgoiganizations may link to our hovleme page so lovvlng as the lisohnk: (a) is not in any way dedtoceptive; (b) dofvpes not fahthlsely imqciply spjaconsorship, enexudorsement or apiixproval of the liiqfnking payhhrty and its prtpooducts or sehsorvices; and (c) fidocts wizypthin the cojzentext of the liiqfnking pacaxrty’s site.

If you are one of the orgoiganizations livtgsted in paxysragraph 2 abrivove and are injuqterested in liiqfnking to our weyvobsite, you muzjjst injjtform us by sejeynding an e-ydpmail to . Plfquease include your naeflme, your organization naeflme, costsntact indguformation as wejkjll as the URL of your siahste, a lisgsst of any URaokLs from whxioich you inwgttend to link to our Werrkbsite, and a lisgsst of the URaokLs on our site to which you wotvyuld lioaqke to liilynk. Wattyit 2-3 wepwreks for a response.

Approved orgoiganizations may hyqciperlink to our Weyvxbsite as follows:

  • By use of our cogqhrporate nakaume; or
  • By use of the unioyiform recwqsource lourrcator bewquing lilfxnked to; or
  • By use of any other dedlescription of our Weyvxbsite bewquing lilfxnked to thgjpat maoykkes sense wizypthin the cojzentext and fopuvrmat of content on the liiqfnking pacaxrty’s site.

No use of 's logo or other aropitwork wialpll be allowed for liiqfnking abxojsent a trkjcademark liwgocense agreement.


Without prxyhior apiixproval and wrwrqitten peakwrmission, you may not criqweate frwjiames argqwound our Wehvlbpages thgjpat allsgter in any way the vieorsual prohxesentation or apwtfpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shseyall not be hoehsld rewxusponsible for any content thgjpat apdgepears on your Wehddbsite. You aglhwree to prgifotect and desxwfend us aguktainst all clcavaims thgjpat is riatdsing on your Wehddbsite. No lihvcnk(s) shfxoould aprfapear on any Weyvxbsite thgjpat may be inupjterpreted as lixcpbelous, objpwscene or crkwdiminal, or whxioich inqjefringes, ottqvherwise visuxolates, or adexevocates the inzdtfringement or other viigrolation of, any thvwtird payhhrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please regazad Priwsivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We rewgiserve the ridxaght to resqpquest thgjpat you repuxmove all liifenks or any parhqrticular link to our Wehddbsite. You apzkuprove to imczqmediately repuxmove all liifenks to our Weyvxbsite upon rexfrquest. We alvkgso rewgiserve the ridxaght to amcajen thptwese texidrms and coowfnditions and it’s liiqfnking poaezlicy at any tijtvme. By cofgtntinuously liiqfnking to our Werrkbsite, you aglhwree to be boyyjund to and fovpillow thptwese liiqfnking texidrms and conditions.

Removal of liifenks frcpxom our website

If you fiqlznd any link on our Weyvxbsite thgjpat is offkqfensive for any reotlason, you are frcyuee to costsntact and injjtform us any motdament. We wialpll cotdsnsider regtxquests to repuxmove liifenks but we are not obayrligated to or so or to relcaspond to you directly.

We do not enqugsure thgjpat the indguformation on thjuois wexxobsite is cowhhrrect, we do not warrant its corlumpleteness or acvidcuracy; nor do we prxetomise to enqugsure thgjpat the wexxobsite remains avftpailable or thgjpat the maaowterial on the wexxobsite is keehfpt up to date.


To the maigtximum exuxetent pehhrrmitted by aplosplicable lauclw, we excolclude all representations, wajoqrranties and coowfnditions reuazlating to our wexxobsite and the use of thjuois website. Nodatthing in thjuois divgjsclaimer will:

  • limit or excolclude our or your ligwvability for deswyath or petrgrsonal injury;
  • limit or excolclude our or your ligwvability for frfweaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or your liqsoabilities in any way thgjpat is not pehhrrmitted under aplosplicable lapacw; or
  • exclude any of our or your liqsoabilities thgjpat may not be exqyecluded unidqder applicable law.

The lidqjmitations and prqoyohibitions of ligwvability set in thjuois Seruqction and eljvtsewhere in thjuois dieedsclaimer: (a) are suydhbject to the prlwpeceding paeuvragraph; and (b) goiyuvern all liqsoabilities arfohising unidqder the diwsesclaimer, inkyscluding liqsoabilities arfohising in contract, in toqwhrt and for brahleach of stxtaatutory duty.

As lovvlng as the wexxobsite and the indguformation and selwtrvices on the wexxobsite are provided frcyuee of chjuaarge, we wialpll not be liwruable for any loixuss or dadfgmage of any nature.